Municipal Sports Hall VODOVA

Municipal Sports Hall VODOVA is a part of a large sports complex in the city of Brno, Kralovo Pole district. The entire complex, hosting the Futnet World Championships 2016 for two performance divisions, consists of two passage connected sports halls. Hall I .. Hall I disposes of an audience capacity up to 3,300 seats, Hall II offers up to 900 seats. The division A tournament will be held in the Hall I (Czech futnet representation), meanwhile Hall II will host the division B tournament. Hall II will also serve as an area for the futnet Hall of Fame, which will offer an exhibition of the history of Czech futnet.

Address: Vodova 336/108, 612 00 Brno

3D tour of the main hall


The capital of Moravia is the second largest city in the Czech Republic in terms of population as well as surface, and lies at the confluence of the rivers Svratka and Svitava.

Nowadays, Brno could be labeled as the capital of futnet not only because of the World Championships, but mainly due to the results of the Modrice futnet club, which has been the phenomenon of men futnet competitions as well as an eleven-fold and reigning champion of the Futnet Extraliga. Player base of the national representation teams is in general primarily composed of players of the mentioned club.

Speaking about success, we must not forget women futnet, represented by the Utechov team. 





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