Slovakia (SVK)

National association: Slovak Futnet Association
Coach: Marian Mihok SVK Marián Mihok
Team leader: Gabriel Viansky SVK Gabriel Viňanský

About team:

irsia reprezentacia muzov 2016 11

Futnet (nohejbal in Slovak) is a very popular sport in Slovakia with a long tradition, played on a recreational as well as competition level. Slovak Futnet Association was founded in 1974, first official league started one year earlier. In 1994 Slovakia organised 1st Men's World Championships.
Slovakia is one of world’s top futnet powers with numerous medals from World and European Championships. The most successful events in terms of gold medals were the World Championships in 2012 (3 golds), European Championships in 2007, 2009 and 2011 (3 golds) and World Championships in 2000 (2 golds).


Jan Brutovsky SVK Name : Ján Brutovský
Disciplines : Doubles, Triples
Milan Cernota SVK Name : Milan Černota
Disciplines : Triples
Lukas Gabak SVK2 Name : Lukáš Gabák
Disciplines : Singles
Silven Galus SVK Name : Silven Galus
Disciplines : Triples
Igor Hulin SVK Name : Igor Hulín
Disciplines : Triples
Jan Kilik ml. SVK Name : Ján Kilík ml.
Disciplines : Doubles
Ladislav Stupak SVK Name : Ladislav Stupák
Disciplines : Doubles, Triples