Flashback: Heroes and stars of the 2016 World Championships

07.12.2016 11:00

The euphoria of this year´s futnet championship is slowly fading away, let´s look back to the glamorous moments of the event.

Ondřej Vít – King of the 2016 World Championships

Czech single player, who started to play futnet in Žatec, gave an excellent performance during the championship. He managed to beat very tough opponents in single including legendary Romanian player Bobis. In triples, he was preparing positions for Jan Vanke´s attack and worked perfectly as a defender.

Two gold medals and positive evaluation of futnet experts brought him the title of the Best player of the 2016 World Championships.



Korean national team - Darlings of the crowd

Futnet players from the Far East fascinated Czech fans again by their acrobatic style, fair play and team spirit. Great performance of Korean single player, who manage to finish fourth, was a big surprise.

Korean double gave a hard time to many teams including the future champions from Slovakia. Futnet audience screamed KORE-A! from the top of their lungs again after four years.


Fans – Futnet is at home in Brno!

A total of 6 266 spectators came to the Municipal Sports Hall Vodova during three days of the championship. Sunday´s finals were watched by 3 067 people. Both numbers are absolute records in the history of our sport.

The atmosphere created by visitors was absolutely famous and was praised by Czech as well as foreign futnet players. On Sunday, there was not a single “spectator” in the arena, but more than three thousands of real “fans” who loudly pushed their team forward to the victory. #brnohecujeme #respect



News – Futnet everywhere 

The World Championships attracted unusual media attention, so even the fans who could not come to Brno had an amazing information service. The Czech Television offered three hours full of information, medallions, records of Saturday´s programme and live streaming of the most important moments of the final day on its sports channel on Sunday.

Other media was not idle and send their representatives to the championship − Aktuálně.cz, MF DNES, Český rozhlas, Brněnský Deník and many more. And who was not right on site,  took the information service from ČTK (Czech Press Agency) colleagues. Futnet has appeared on all the major news sites and pages of the national newspapers.



We worked on information channels of the Czech Futnet Association too.  The fastest results service on msnohejbal.cz website, news and interviews on Český nohejbal facebook page, top photos on Instagram. All of this was processed by our media department for you and we will be showing you more videos and photos.

Organizing Comittee – Workers of the championship

Preparations of the championship took more than 18 months. The small team has gradually expanded to 150 people. When involving the arena, catering, safety and other personnel, we get a number of 300 staff members, who ensured comfort of spectators and players and information service, manage the competitions and did many more activities, invisible at first sight.



It was a long and demanding work, which has paid off. We manage to organize the largest futnet event in history at a level comparable with much greater sports.